Franchise News 2 October 2020

CENTURY 21 Bravo Realty Welcomes New Recruits

CENTURY 21 Bravo Realty

CENTURY 21 Bravo Realty Property Management Welcomes Steve Monteith

Steve Monteith has 15 years of experience in the construction industry. Starting as a labourer when he was 15, and expanding his education in construction management at SAIT. Steve moved into construction management where he learned how to manage budgets and, more importantly, people.

After moving to Edmonton for a while, Steve decided to make a change and pursue a career in Property Management where he could utilize his in-depth knowledge of construction practices, buildings and people management to give superior service to their clientele.

Outside of work, you could find him where you can’t find him; deep in the wilderness, hiking, fishing, hunting, and camping. He also enjoys woodworking and sipping a cold craft beer from a local brewery.


CENTURY 21 Bravo Realty

CENTURY 21 Bravo Realty Welcomes Ibrahim ‘Abe’ el Hage

Abe has been a licensed real estate agent since 2006 and has joined CENTURY 21 Bravo Realty in order to reach a global audience.

What makes him unique: Nicknamed as “the rainmaker” in the industry, Abe El Hage has a reputation for getting the job done! Earning #1 REALTOR® in all of CIR Realty in 2018, Abe has sold over half a BILLION dollars in real estate – an absolutely astounding number!

Hobbies: Anything outdoors that takes him away to unplug for awhile. Time with family, hiking, quadding, and motorcycling.

The thing he loves most about Real Estate: Putting all of his skills in service to offer every client the best experience possible and to launch first time home buyers into the most rewarding experience of their lives.

Super Agent gifts: With a past in home construction and design, Abe’s most endearing quality of humility keeps the focus solely on his clients and never on his successes.


CENTURY 21 Bravo Realty

CENTURY 21 Bravo Realty Welcomes Grant Kelba

Grant has been a licensed Real Estate Super Agent since 2019, with previous experience as a licensed REALTOR® from 1992-1998.

What makes him unique: Grant has deep roots in community service as a born and raised Calgarian. The creator and original Harvey the Hour, president of the Downtown Kiwanis club and Kamp Kiwanis and all-around advocate of all things Calgary.

Hobbies: Grant’s hobbies include fitness, hiking, cycling, home improvements and family.

The thing he loves most about Real Estate: The ability to help a family find the perfect community to invest their future in.

Super Agent gifts: His devotion in providing the best, customized service to each and every client.


CENTURY 21 Bravo Realty

CENTURY 21 Bravo Realty CENTURY 21 Bravo Realty

CENTURY 21 Gateway Real Estate merges with CENTURY 21 Bravo Realty

CENTURY 21 Gateway Real Estate is now part of the team at CENTURY 21 Bravo. The two offices have been associated in different ways for over eighteen years and have built a strong relationship during that time.

Both offices thought a merger was a great idea because they have worked together so well for so long. They share the same values and beliefs and are a good match.

  • Charlotte Hogarth & Melissa Hammer, Realtors®, The Gateway Team
  • Dave Hogarth, Associate Broker
  • Brenda Wigley, Realtorr®/ Property Manager
  • Dan Coates, Realtor®
  • Anna Crowe, Administrative Assistant
  • Adam Mirus, Realtor®


CENTURY 21 Bravo Realty Welcomes Tarek Hageahmad

Tarek has been a licensed real estate agent since 2014 and has worked in sales management since 2010.

What makes him unique: Tarek was once a child star and has deep roots in TV, journalism and broadcasting. Always on trend with the needs of his audience, he has made an impact in construction, contracted millions of dollars in new-home sales, re-sales, and investment ‘flipping’, and has earned multiple Top Producer awards.

The thing he loves most about Real Estate: Putting all of his skills in service to offer every client the best experience possible as he guides them through one of the largest purchases of their lives.

Super Agent gifts: Tarek’s strong communication and marketing skills to report on how the proper understanding and management of your home investment can lead to a degree of prosperity and security that is accessible to all.

Franchise News 1 October 2020

Two Teams Return to CENTURY 21 In Town Realty

Chantal Vignola Tyler MacDonald

Chantal Vignola & Tyler MacDonald 

Chantal and Tyler left CENTURY 21 earlier this year because of changes with their team, but quickly returned.

“I’d never been anywhere else and I really appreciate what Mike has to offer,” says Vignola. “From the seamless transaction management to the open house team and the awards program, this is the place I want to spend my career.”

Tyler and Chantal are taking over the Coal Harbour office, along the seawall, which they are currently renovating. “We’re making the space work for our team of four and are already looking to build it further as we head into 2021,” says Tyler.


Rick Clarke

Rick Clarke

When Rick Clarke’s daughter decided to go into real estate and work with her father, he knew CENTURY 21 was where he wanted her to hang her license.

“After working with several brands throughout my career, I can easily say you don’t feel like a number at C21. It truly is a family. This is where I want my daughter to grow her own career.”

Rick works with clients across British Columbia and specializes in online leads. He hopes to grow his own team and attract other teams to work with him. Ultimately, he would like to expand to help and coach agents across Canada.


“I am thrilled to have Rick, Chantal and Tyler back with CENTURY 21 In Town Realty. Sometimes you need to let them go in order for them to see the value they get with the C21 brand. I look forward to helping them continue to grow their businesses in Vancouver and around the province.”- Michael LaPrairie, President, CENTURY 21 In Town Realty

Michael LaPrairie,

In The Community 1 September 2020

CENTURY 21 B.J. Roth Realty Ltd. Raised $42,000 for Easter Seals

CENTURY 21 B.J. Roth Realty Ltd. hosted the 15th Annual Showcase of Celebrities Golf Tournament in late September and helped raised $42,000 for Easter Seals.

This year’s event took place at the Bear Creek Golf Course in Barrie. ON and looked a little different than previous years. To keep everyone safe and distanced. there was no shotgun start or big dinner afterwards. and the number of volunteers had to be significantly reduced. However. the 160 players still enjoyed a beautiful sunny day on the golf course. They had delicious food. a silent auction. and a live raffle.

The silent auction and live raffle raised over $3000. but the B.J. Roth team was amazed with the amount of people who donated to raise funds for essential specialized equipment for Easter Seals kids. With the generous individual donations. they managed to raise enough money to purchase 2 walkers and 2 Splashies (a specialized unit for bathing a child with disabilities) averaging a total of $11.800.

Although. some of CENTURY 21 BJ. Roth Realty Ltd.’s fundraising events had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. the team continuously finds fun. creative. and safe ways to give back. earning them the #1 C21 Easter Seals fundraising company for 6 consecutive years.

“People like Casey MacKay are the reason we continue to support Easter Seals year after year. Easter Seals as an organization makes a difference in the lives of these children with disabilities, and through fundraiser such as this, is able to provide much needed equipment for the kids.” – Theresa Kerr, CENTURY 21 B.J. Roth Realty Ltd.

“COVID truly had an impact on our kids and families and events like today, the fact that we can have it and raise some money, is really going to make a hug impact.” – Kevin Collins, President & CEO, Easter Seals Ontario

15th Annual Showcase of Celebrities Golf Tournament 15th Annual Showcase of Celebrities Golf Tournament15th Annual Showcase of Celebrities Golf Tournament

Research 24 August 2020

Price Per Square Foot Survey 2020

National real estate survey finds home prices holding steady, sales coming back after decline early in pandemic

Vancouver (August 24, 2020) – An annual report out from CENTURY 21 Canada today reveals house prices across Canada are maintaining their strength, while the number of sales is coming back after a decline earlier in the spring due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the local stories vary across the country, the common theme is of house prices seeing modest changes per square foot over the same period last year. One exception is Montreal, which has seen prices increase dramatically since 2019 – though downtown prices still remain lower than those in Vancouver and Toronto.

In its annual, nationwide study, CENTURY 21 Canada compared the price per square foot of properties sold between January 1 and June 30 this year, compared to the same period last year.

“When the pandemic took hold in Canada in mid-March, there was a lot of uncertainty about what would happen to real estate sales during the typically busy spring market,” says Brian Rushton, Executive Vice-President of CENTURY 21 Canada. “What we have seen is that after a dip in the number of sales early in the pandemic, the pace of sales has returned to near-normal levels as real estate agents and companies innovated new ways of doing things. The real estate industry has proved resilient through the past several months. And even further, prices have held steady as well.”

As it has in many sectors of Canada’s economy, COVID-19 has prompted innovations in how real estate operations, with the adoption of technologies allowing more physical distancing and reducing contact. CENTURY 21 Canada has made additional tools available to sales representatives in order to facilitate the change. Virtual tours are now very popular so that a seller does not have strangers or large numbers of people in their homes. The company encourages all agents to host online open houses through Facebook Live. CENTURY 21 Canada has also recently partnered with an international company, EyeSpy360, which allows a virtual home tour that can be done as a walk-through and presented to a client via email or a live presentation.

Regional highlights:


The strongest real estate market in Canada right now is Montreal, with prices increasing significantly since last year, particularly in the downtown detached house and townhouse markets. The price of a detached house in Montreal’s downtown and southwest rose 42.14 per cent to $958 per square foot, while townhouses came up 44 per cent to $768 and condos 13.55 per cent to $805. While prices in Montreal remain lower than those in Vancouver and Toronto they are catching up as prices in those other centres saw more modest increases or even declines. “Even though real estate in Quebec was not considered an essential service, we have seen strong demand and a jump in prices in 2020,” says Mohamad Al-Hajj, owner of CENTURY 21 Immo-Plus in Montreal.

Price Per Square Foot Survey 2020_Ontario


Prices have continued to increase in communities across Ontario, particularly just outside the GTA. Newmarket has seen the biggest increase since last year with prices for single family detached houses climbing 37.29 percent, while in Kitchener semi-detached homes increased 17 percent to $399 per square foot. Ottawa is also proving to be strong with increases of about 20 per cent – houses increasing to $313 per square foot and condos to $577 per square foot. Downtown Toronto condos increased 8.9 per cent per square foot to $1,083 – breaking the $1,000 mark. Downtown Toronto condos remain the second most expensive in Canada, after Vancouver condos. Hamilton, meanwhile, saw modest decreases in price per square foot. Rushton says, “With a work from home option more realistic for some people, they’re finding they can get a larger home if they move a bit further from Toronto. Even if their commute is a little longer they’re traveling to an office less often, which makes it more tolerable.”

Price Per Square Foot Survey 2020_British Columbia

British Columbia

BC property prices often receive attention from across the country, but in 2020 saw only minor changes, especially compared to increases seen in previous years. Downtown Vancouver condos decreased modestly in price per square foot (down 3.97 per cent to $1,192), but remained the most expensive properties in Canada – though prices for condos in Toronto and Montreal are catching up. Prices of detached houses in City of Vancouver neighbourhoods increased modestly, as did homes in  North Vancouver (up 4.75 percent to $690 per square foot), Burnaby (up 5.2 per cent to $579 per square foot), and Richmond (up 1.73 per cent to $608). Both Chilliwack and White Rock/South Surrey saw modest declines, dropping 6.78 percent and 7.81 percent respectively.

Price Per Square Foot Survey 2020_Prairies


Prairie house prices continue to be the most affordable in Canada other than those in the Atlantic provinces, and have generally remained flat over the past year. Rural Alberta was an exception, with a soft condo market in some communities. Condos in High River, Alberta have dropped more than 28 percent to $173 per square foot, though in the same community prices for a detached house rose 10.4 per cent to $237 per square foot. Okotoks and St. Albert saw similar trends, though not as marked. In In Edmonton, houses and condos have dropped modestly Calgary house prices have dropped 1.54 per cent to $320 per square foot, while condos have dropped 6.62 per cent. “This is an area that has long relied on the oil and gas industry,” says George Bamber, Owner of CENTURY 21 Bamber Realty in Calgary. “Continued uncertainty in that sector is keeping prices from growing.”

Prices for both condos and detached houses declined almost four per cent in Regina, and were flat in Saskatoon, Brandon, and Winnipeg.

Price Per Square Foot Survey 2020_Atlantic Canada


Most of Atlantic Canada saw strong price increases over the last year, though the region remains the most affordable place to purchase real estate in Canada. St. John’s is the exception, where weak industry forced prices for condos down 33.4 per cent to $116 per square foot, while house prices remained flat (up 1.33 per cent to $135). However, Fredericton house prices shot up 24.56 per cent to $123, while Moncton houses rose 19.98 per cent to $124. Condo prices in Halifax remained the highest in the region, up 12.97 per cent to $270 per square foot – on par with a home in Edmonton but lower than those in Calgary. “We’ve seen great interest in home purchases in our area in 2020. I think people see the value in homes here and are looking for a place to put down roots. This region provides affordable housing and a great lifestyle,” says Paul Burns, Manager at CENTURY 21 A&T Countryside Realty.

This is the fourth consecutive year CENTURY 21 Canada has gathered and released this report of local prices per square foot.

“As we are in our fourth year of gathering this data, we continue to see that real estate is not a national picture, it’s really what’s happening in your local community,” says Mr. Rushton. “No matter where in Canada you live buying a home is a great investment, especially if you’re making a long-term purchase.”

CENTURY 21 Canada’s annual survey of data on the price per square foot (PPSF) of properties gathers and compares sales data from its franchises across Canada from January 1 to June 30 of each year. By looking at the price per square foot at the same time each year the firm is able to get a good idea of how prices have changed over time for similar properties. This year’s survey compares 2019 prices with this year’s results, while also providing available 2017 and 2018 data.

For more information please contact:
Leigh Kjekstad | Director of Brand Engagement
Phone: (604) 606-2139


British Columbia

2017 PPSF
2018 PPSF
2019 PPSF
2020 PPSF
% CHANGE 2019-2020
Vancouver, Downtown Condo $963 $1,345 $1,241 $1,192 -3.97%
Vancouver, West Side Detached House $1,210 $1,147 $990 $1,004 1.47%
Vancouver Detached House $890 $856 $769 $816 6.09%
West Van Detached House $817 $899 $738 $734 -0.45%
North Vancouver Detached House $626 $681 $613 $690 12.58%
Vancouver, East side Detached House $719 $721 $647 $672 3.84%
Victoria Condo $615 N/A
Vancouver, Richmond Detached House $614 $677 $598 $608 1.73%
Burnaby Detached House $588 $599 $551 $579 5.20%
Victoria Detached House $458 $509 $442 $488 10.41%
Victoria- Western Communities Condo $460 N/A
White Rock/South Surrey Detached House $554 $506 $472 $435 -7.81%
Victoria Townhouse $418 N/A
Delta North Detached House $370 $423 $400 $413 3.21%
Victoria- Western Communities Detached House $346 N/A
Victoria- Western Communities Townhouse $346 N/A
Kelowna Apartment $314 $345 $348 $334 -3.84%
Kelowna Townhouse $268 $292 $287 $302 5.45%
Chilliwack Detached House $259 $297 $294 $288 -1.99%
Kelowna Detached House $263 $283 $274 $280 2.35%
Chilliwack Condo/ Apartment $198 $283 $290 $270 -6.78%
Kelowna Half Duplex $232 $247 $260 $263 1.41%
Chilliwack Townhouse $208 $267 $249 $250 0.40%


2017 PPSF
2018 PPSF
2019 PPSF
2020 PPSF
% CHANGE 2019-2020
Calgary House $341 $325 $320 -1.54%
Calgary Condo $329 $317 $296 -6.62%
St. Albert Duplex $274 $262 $272 $278 2.23%
St. Albert Detached House $290 $287 $271 $269 -0.62%
Edmonton Detached House $289 $288 $272 $268 -1.37%
Okotoks Detached House $238 $254 6.67%
Red Deer Detached House $282 $276 $262 $252 -3.96%
Edmonton Duplex $261 $275 $256 $250 -2.35%
High River Detached House $202 $193 $215 $237 10.40%
Okotoks Condo $254 $211 -16.65%
St. Albert Condo $247 $239 $223 $211 -5.57%
Edmonton Condo $261 $231 $220 $206 -6.00%
High River Condo $241 $173 -28.26%


2017 PPSF
2018 PPSF
2019 PPSF
2020 PPSF
% CHANGE 2019-2020
Saskatoon Detached House $296 $270 $263 $263 0.00%
Brandon Detached House $248 $248 $246 $248 0.86%
Winnipeg Detached House $267 $282 $243 $244 0.33%
Regina Detached House $263 $254 $246 $237 -3.74%
Winnipeg Condo $261 $220 $223 1.48%
Saskatoon Condo $231 $208 $213 $217 2.00%
Winnipeg Attached $202 $210 4.19%
Regina Condo $246 $236 $213 $205 -3.86%
Brandon Condo $201 $196 $204 $204 -0.11%


2017 PPSF
2018 PPSF
2019 PPSF
2020 PPSF
% CHANGE 2019-2020
Toronto, Downtown Condo $819 $903 $994 $1,083 8.91%
Ottawa Condo $442 $485 $577 18.97%
Vaughn Detached House $434 $503 $548 8.91%
Richmond Hill Detached House $585 $445 $465 $522 12.29%
Newmarket Detached House $372 $510 37.29%
Markham Detached House $485 N/A
Guelph Detached House $380 $397 $409 $443 8.31%
St. Catharines Bungalow $385 $367 $425 15.80%
Guelph Condo $374 $402 $423 5.22%
Waterloo Condo $402 $411 2.24%
Waterloo Detached House $372 $407 9.41%
Hamilton Detached House $362 $378 $406 7.40%
Guelph Duplex $330 $348 $362 $400 10.50%
Kitchener Detached House $320 $339 $359 $400 11.42%
Kitchener Semi-Detached $341 $399 17.01%
Kitchener Condo $328 $362 $399 10.22%
Waterloo Semi-detached $357 $399 11.76%
Niagara Falls Bungalow $336 $395 17.56%
Cambridge Detached House $325 $332 $355 $388 9.30%
Cambridge Duplex $300 $311 $331 $377 13.90%
Hamilton Apartment/ Condo $234 $376 $370 -1.72%
Cambridge Condo $344 $347 $367 5.76%
Guelph Townhouse $311 $335 $364 8.66%
Bradford Detached House $286 $345 $358 3.93%
Barrie Detached House $283 $350 $350 0.00%
Waterloo Townhouse $324 $344 6.17%
Hamilton Townhouse $257 $350 $343 -2.05%
Kitchener Townhouse $323 $342 5.88%
Cambridge Townhouse $282 $317 $341 7.57%
St. Catharines Detached House $310 $290 $330 13.79%
Ottawa Detached House $215 $225 $258 $313 21.32%
Niagara Falls Detached House $275 $300 9.09%
London Detached House $201 $191 $237 $250 5.56%
Grey Bruce Detached House $175 $182 $195 7.38%
Owen Sound Detached House $145 $158 $167 5.89%


2017 PPSF
2018 PPSF
2019 PPSF
2020 PPSF
% CHANGE 2019-2020
Montreal, Downtown and SW Detached House $514 $603 $674 $958 42.14%
Montreal, Downtown and SW Condo $533 $567 $709 $805 13.55%
Montreal, Downtown and SW Townhouse $462 $514 $533 $768 44.03%

Atlantic Canada

2017 PPSF
2018 PPSF
2019 PPSF
2020 PPSF
% CHANGE 2019-2020
Halifax Condo $228 $239 $270 12.97%
Charlottetown Detached House $138 $147 $165 $178 7.88%
Halifax Detached House $131 $155 $162 $170 4.94%
St. John’s Detached House $167 $137 $132 $135 2.83%
Moncton Detached House $100 $101 $106 $124 16.98%
Fredericton Detached House $99 $123 24.56%
Saint John Detached House $111 $123 10.86%
St. John’s Condo $174 $116 -33.48%

Northwest Territories

Yellowknife Detached House  $277.31  $277
Townhouse  $275.95  $265
Manufactured  $263.83  $267
Apartment  $332.93  $347
Duplex  $313.33  $306


About CENTURY 21 Canada®

CENTURY 21 Canada Limited Partnership ( is a real estate master franchisor with complete rights to the CENTURY 21® brand in Canada.

The CENTURY 21 System is one of the world’s largest and most recognized residential real estate franchise sales organization with approximately 9,400 independently owned and operated franchised real estate offices worldwide and over 127,000 sales professionals. CENTURY 21 provides comprehensive technology, marketing, training, management, and administrative support for its members in 80 countries and territories worldwide. 

How the information was gathered by CENTURY 21 Canada

CENTURY 21 franchisees were asked to help come up with the average price-per-square-foot in their market. However, calculating a precise number is not an exact science as every office and province tracks statistics slightly differently. As a result, some have used either the average or benchmark prices (depending on the market) and tracked average square footage in sales from January 1 – June 30, 2020. The price-per-square-foot was calculated from those numbers. Each franchisee has confirmed that that the numbers provided are an accurate representation of their market. Some real estate boards adjust their statistics after the deadline so, in some markets, 2019 numbers were adjusted to better reflect the year over year trends.

Franchise News 2 August 2020

NEW LOCATION: CENTURY 21 Heritage House Ltd. Opens Brantford Location

CENTURY 21 Heritage House Ltd. is now open in Brantford. This marks the company’s tenth location in Southwestern Ontario and currently has 28 agents.

“Our goal has always been to grow our business along the 401 and 403 corridors of Southwestern Ontario. This was a great move for us, and we look forward to growing significantly in the next three years.”- Anthony Montanaro, Broker, CENTURY 21 Heritage House Ltd.

Anthony Montanaro

About C21 Heritage House

  • Number of Agents: 170
  • Head office: Woodstock
  • Offices in: Ingersoll, Tillsonburg, Stratford, Kitchener (2), Guelph, Seaforth, Mount Forest, Brantford

C21 Heritage House is located at 625 Park Road North Unit #5 Brantford, ON

Franchise News 1 August 2020

New Franchise: CENTURY 21 Grand Realty Inc. Opens In Brantford, On

CENTURY 21 Canada is pleased to welcome Manny Munir and the team at CENTURY 21 Grand Realty Inc. to the network. Munir has been in real estate for 20 years, 15 of which have been spent with C21. The recent opportunity to acquire a franchise seemed like the obvious next step in his career.

“CENTURY 21 is a well-known brand in our community. Canada and the world which makes a huge difference when we sit down with clients for the first time. We look forward to continuing the gold standard in Brantford.” – Manny Munir, CENTURY 21 Grand Realty Inc.

Manny Munir

“Welcome Manny and team! As a longtime member of the brand, you know all about the tools and training we offer, but we look forward to working with you from an owner’s perspective.”  – Brian Rushton, Executive VP, CENTURY 21 Canada

Brian Rushton, Executive VP, CENTURY 21 Canada

We are thrilled and excited for the future as we grow with Century 21 Brand and make even a bigger impact in our beautiful community.” – Manny Munir

About C21 Grand Realty Inc.

  • 14 Agents
  • 6 Admin Staff
  • Located at 14 Borden St., Brantford, ON
Franchise News 4 July 2020

Kit and Coop & Associates joins CENTURY 21 Canada InTown Realty

CENTURY 21 Canada is pleased to welcome Kit Matkaluk and Hugh Cooper to the brand. They will hang their licenses with CENTURY 21 InTown Realty, based in Vancouver. Kit and Coop, as they’re known, will be based out of their offices in North Vancouver where they’ve been partners for the past five years.

“We’ve known owner Michael LaPrairie for years and know that CENTURY 21 has a great reputation,” says Hugh Cooper. “That helped us make the decision that this is the right place for us right now.”

“I’m thrilled to have Kit and Coop on board with InTown Realty,” says Owner Michael LaPrairie. “They’re situated in central Lonsdale Quay and provide excellent service to their existing clients. I’m happy to add the gold standard with CENTURY 21.”

Kit and Coop specialize in both houses and condos. They plan to further establish themselves on the North Shore and build their business for potential growth down the road.

Kit and Coop & Associates

In The Community 3 July 2020

Justina LeeStolz, CENTURY 21 Assurance Realty Ltd., Awarded the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce Top 40 Under 40

Congratulations to Justina LeeStolz from CENTURY 21 Assurance Realty Ltd., who has been recognized in the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce Top 40 Under 40 Honouree list for 2020, presented by BDO. This prestigious award honours the young, local difference-makers, leaders and entrepreneurs who are making an impact in the Central Okanagan.

Justina started with CENTURY 21 Canada in 2014, with the goal of helping her neighbours with their real estate needs, supporting local small businesses and creating strong community connections. One of the ways she helps her community is through Tour The Town—a passport program that offers exclusive incentives to 30+ local business. She also contributes through her work with the Festival Kelowna, the Kelowna Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba Society, The Kelowna AM Toastmasters Club, and the Okanagan Mainline Real Estate Board Committee.

She continues to give back through her roles with the Okanagan Young Professionals Connector program, the Junior Chamber International Kelowna Chapter, and the 100 Awesome People Project.

Justina, a Master Ruby® 2019 award winner, also won the National Effective Speaking Contest with JCI Canada and is a finalist for the Kelowna Women in Business Change-Maker Award for outstanding impact and influence within the community. Congratulations Justina on all your amazing accomplishments!

“It’s been fun being part of this process and finding ways to continue to support the community in these strange times. I am honoured to be honoured!” – Justina LeeStolz, CENTURY 21 Assurance Realty Ltd.

Kelowna Chamber of Commerce Top 40 Under 40

Franchise News 2 July 2020

CENTURY 21 In-Studio Realty Inc. expands with a new Satellite Office

Mike Seiler, CENTURY 21 In-Studio Realty Inc., opened a new office location in Sauble Beach, ON on July 4, 2020. The new satellite office is the fifth branch location, expanding the brokerage into the beautiful cottage community of southwestern Ontario. It is approximately 650 sqft located on the main road heading to one of Canada’s most famous beaches.

Congratulations to Mike and the CENTURY 21 In-Studio Realty Inc. team!

“We are so excited to be expanding into this great community to be able to offer its members the gold standard of real estate.” – Mike Seiler, CENTURY 21 In-Studio Realty Inc.

Mike Seiler, CENTURY 21 In-Studio Realty Inc.

“We are incredibly proud to see Mike expanding the CENTURY 21 In-Studio Realty Inc. Brokerage into the Sauble Beach community and we look forward to watching the C21 team grow and thrive in this new area. “ – Brian Rushton, Executive VP, CENTURY 21 Canada

Brian Rushton, Executive VP, CENTURY 21 Canada

Franchise News 1 July 2020

CENTURY 21 A&T Countryside Realty Inc. Adds Recruiting Manager to Team

CENTURY 21 A&T Countryside Realty Inc. is pleased to welcome Mark Sabean as their new recruiting manager. This is an expanded role for the CENTURION producer who will continue to serve clients throughout the region.

Mark was born and raised in the Saint John area, which has allowed him to get to know the market well. Mark has been in real estate for 17 years and has consistently won awards year after year, most recently receiving the CENTURY 21 CENTURION award in 2019. Client driven, he finished 64th in units overall among C21 sales associates in Canada for 2019.

His love of real estate is only rivaled by his passion for travelling, exploring and learning different cultures. He is very active in the Chinese community and teaches English to Chinese newcomers as well as studying Mandarin himself. In 2018, Mark received the Volunteer of the Year award through Saint John Newcomers Centre. Over the past few years, Mark has assisted people from 13 different countries settle into Saint John and the surrounding areas.

Mark took a brief hiatus from CENTURY 21 and joined another brand but quickly returned “The grass is not greener on the other side! Knowing the value proposition that we offer, I know that experience will help me in my new role,” he says. CENTURY 21 A&T Countryside Realty is very excited to have Mark return to the CENTURY 21 family and look forward to his future growth within the company.

“I’m thrilled to be joining the team at C21 A&T Countryside in an expanded role. My love of real estate and respect for Tim and Audrie will help me grow the team here to continue to offer the people of New Brunswick the gold standard in real estate.” – Mark Sabean, New Manager of CENTURY 21 A&T Countryside Realty Inc.

Mark Sabean

“Mark has been a wonderful member of C21 A&T Countryside for more than a decade. He has unparalleled experience in this market and will do a great job recruiting and coaching sales reps in their careers.” – Audrie & Tim Beaulieu, Owners of CENTURY 21 A&T Countryside Realty Inc.

About Century 21 A&T Countryside Realty Inc.

  • Offices across New Brunswick – Moncton, Sackville, Campbellton, Rothesay, Fredericton, Saint John & St. Andrews
  • Over 30 sales representatives
  • Founded in 1981 – over 39 years of business in New Brunswick