In The Community 21 November 2022

CENTURY 21 Canada agent receives House of Commons honour for decades of volunteer work

Kelowna, BC (November, 2022) – A CENTURY 21 Canada agent was recently honoured by the House of Commons as recognition for his nearly twenty years of volunteer work, primarily helping men living with addiction.  Since 2006, Helmut Hubert from CENTURY 21 Assurance in Kelowna, BC, has balanced being one-third of a thriving real estate team with his work as Chairman of the Board and Director of the non-profit organization, Freedom’s Door.

“I started at Freedom’s Door because members of my rotary club asked me to be on the board, and I had no idea who they were or what they did. Now eighteen years later we’ve helped between 5000 to 6000 men recovering from addiction and we’ve grown to nine-properties in the Kelowna area,” Helmut explains. “Four buildings are recovery homes, and five are ‘next-steps’ campuses where our residents can focus on getting their education and going back to school. We’re able to give them a sense of community and support, which is so helpful for them when they’re trying to rebuild their lives.”

As a real estate agent since 2003, Helmut is in a unique position to know the best ways to leverage properties for the non-profit’s use. “The most important factor for a recovering addict is safe, affordable housing, and it actually turns out to be cheaper to purchase smaller properties like three-plexes and four-plexes, rather than big buildings. It keeps our residents from being isolated in their own units and it’s helpful considering how much prices have risen in the area.”

The recent real estate boom throughout Canadian markets has kept Helmut and his fellow team members busy in the Okanagan region, and their success has earned them Team CENTURION status within the CENTURY 21 Canada system several times. “Things have slowed down from the height of the past few years, but prices are high. We’re hoping to keep expanding Freedom’s Door by building eight-town houses near our current campuses and tearing down older properties to build new ones so that we can house sixty people all in that one area.”

On being recognized for his many years of service, Helmut was completely blindsided. His wife Ellen was honoured alongside him for her volunteer work as a Freedom’s Door counsellor, and they got the surprise at a fundraiser dinner. “We had no idea it was happening, we were blown away,” says Helmut, who received the commendation from MP Tracy Gray via pre-recorded video. “We’re thoroughly humbled to be worthy of that kind of thing, it’s nice to be recognized.”

Franchise News 17 October 2022

CENTURY 21 Prairie Elite Aims to Have a Big Presence in a Small Town

North Battleford, SK (October 2022) – The community of North Battleford is about to get its first CENTURY 21 office with the opening of CENTURY 21 Prairie Elite this October. A small community in northwest Saskatchewan, owner Kayla Petersen has a long history in the Battleford and a lot of familiarity with the local real estate market.

Petersen began her career with another franchise in 2008 and became part owner and broker of her own brokerage in 2016. This year, the time was right to make the jump to CENTURY 21 Canada. “Even back when I became part-owner, I was debating joining CENTURY 21 Canada,” explains Petersen. “I’d seen the billboards around Saskatoon, and it was always in the back of my mind. I was getting ready for something new with where I was at and so I reached out to the team at CENTURY 21 Canada and they had a great presentation. I took a step back to think about it, but honestly, they were my only choice. I never looked at other franchises, I loved the rebrand four years ago and the fresh new look. It felt modern, sophisticated and I thought that it would help me grow my business.”

Petersen’s first goal is to get her office up and running, but looking to the future, she wants to have a growing and thriving brokerage within the next five years. “I don’t want to grow too fast and get overwhelmed. I want to keep up with my agents and make sure they each feel comfortable with the tech and tools that CENTURY 21 Canada offers. It’s really important to me to have agents that are community minded, have a good knowledge base of the market, want to make connections and provide the best service possible for their clients. The kind of person that is a self-starter, motivated, and willing to be a part of a team.”

The technology offered by CENTURY 21 Canada was a big reason that Petersen chose to join the brand and she hopes that it will be a big attractor of young and new agents. “I think it’ll be something new in the Battleford area, and I think it’s going to be really beneficial in attracting newer people to the industry. I’m really excited to put it out into the community.”

“It’s great to see CENTURY 21 Canada growing its presence in smaller communities,” says Brian Rushton, Chief Operating Officer of CENTURY 21 Canada. “Real estate has seen an upward trend in these smaller communities as buyers look outside of larger metropolitan areas, and we appreciate brokers like Kayla who have such a strong knowledge of their local market. We know that she’ll be able to guide her agents who, in turn, can guide the clients that choose to make their homes there. Above all, we’re going to continue providing support along with the best technology in the industry to ensure her success.”

Due to her long history in her community, Petersen wants her brokerage to be involved with volunteering and community initiatives. “It’s a very tight-knit place, I’ve lived here for years, I have working relationships with the business community in town, I’ve raised my family here. I just want us to provide service to our clients that’s second to none. I want to empower my agents, I see them as my family and above all I want to help them be as successful as possible.”

CENTURY 21 Prairie Elite will be opening October 20, 2022.

Franchise News 30 September 2022

CENTURY 21 Property Zone continues a generational legacy in real estate

Mississauga, ON (September 2022) – CENTURY 21 Property Zone is ready to open its doors to the busy Mississauga region this September. Owner Pranav Puri brings 15 years of experience to his new brokerage and is the third generation in his family to work in the real estate industry.

“My father and grandfather both worked in real estate back in India and here in Canada. The brokerage name ‘Property Zone’ is actually borrowed from what they used. After working as a top-producing agent with another brand, the time was right and I wanted to open my own brokerage,” says Puri.  “CENTURY 21 Canada is a great brand with nationwide recognition and I’ve received great support from them, so I’m really excited to get started.”

The suburbs surrounding the Greater Toronto Area have seen immense growth over the past few years, and Puri is ready to build a brokerage that will rise to meet the many needs of clients in the area. He aims to recruit between 40-50 agents before the end of this year and have roughly 300 agents by the end of 2023. “We want to support our agents as much as we can, and we want to be a brokerage that supports teams,” explains Puri. “When we recruit agents new to the industry, we’re going to help them grow under team leaders. We’ll also be prioritizing advertising to secure as many leads as possible for our brokerage members.”

Puri also has his sights set on a second location in Brampton, another fast-growing suburb, and he wants his offices to reflect the diversity of the communities they will serve. “Eventually I hope to open more locations and because we have such a diverse population here, I want to ensure we have that same kind of diversity in our offices.”

The opening of CENTURY 21 Property Zone is one of several this year for the legacy franchisor. “Even as the real estate market shifts, CENTURY 21 Canada continues to grow,” says Brian Rushton, Chief Operating Officer of CENTURY 21 Canada. “This new franchise has so much potential due to the growth we’ve seen in that part of Ontario, and we’re confident that Pranav and his team will thrive over the next few years.”

As CENTURY 21 Property Zone works towards its growth goals, their first priority is becoming familiar with the wide range of tools and technology provided by the brand. “We’re going to take this year to learn and then we’ll be able to start growing. We also want our agents to have a deep, grassroots knowledge of the area, so that they’ll have the tools, the familiarity with the community and the power of a good brand to ensure that they succeed.”

CENTURY 21 Property Zone officially opens its doors this September.

In The Community 31 August 2022

CENTURY 21 Canada members spend a day at camp in support of Easter Seals

Century 21 held its first annual ‘Day of Giving’ this summer and CENTURY 21 Canada network members took the opportunity to get hands-on and help out at one of the many summer camps run by Easter Seals Canada.

Blair Gordon, owner of CENTURY 21 Foothills in Calgary visited Camp Horizon, where Easter Seals provides unforgettable summer camp experiences to kids and teens living with disabilities. “When we learned we had the opportunity to visit the Easter Seals camp again, we had an overwhelming response,” says Blair. “Our brokerage is dedicated to supporting Easter Seals, and our tour of the camp was a reminder of the magnitude of effort and care that is given to the campers each and every day.”

Activities for the visiting C21-ers included cleaning windows, weeding flowerbeds, landscaping and working on the camp’s pool to help transform it into a spray park area.

Jarred Jones and Charles Zhang, members of the Home Sweet Home team from CENTURY 21 Bamber Realty decided to participate in the Day of Giving initiative due to their longstanding support of Easter Seals. “We’ve been out to Camp Horizon a few times but this was our first visit in a couple of years and our experience was incredible,” says Jared. “It was beautiful weather and a memorable day and we felt like we were able to help make a difference.”

The C21 members had the opportunity to visit when camp was in full swing, allowing them to see just how much joy the campers get out of their time there. “There’s nothing that matches the feeling of watching the campers get to enjoy the activities that are happening. We saw singing sessions, water gun fights, tree-top rope courses, t-shirt tie-dying and so much more. There were endless smiles and laughs which was amazing to see. We got the opportunity to catch up with a camper we had met on a previous visit and he looked like he was having the best day.”

Though they were only there for a day, it was a big reminder of why the partnership between Easter Seals and CENTURY 21 Canada is so important. “Our team has always been avid supporters of Easter Seals, it’s our go-to foundation to support,” Jared explains. “We’ve witnessed the impact that they have on the campers, all you have to do is spend one day on-site to see all the moving parts and resources that are required to make camp possible. The experiences the campers have are life changing.”

Though the day at camp is over, the support from C21-ers will continue, with CENTURY 21 Foothills planning for their annual golf tournament with a fundraising goal of $110,000. As a whole, CENTURY 21 Canada aims to raise a grand total of $750,000 this year for Easter Seals through the Kids to Camp program which has raised over $13 million since they began their support in 1979.

To learn more about the Kids to Camp program, visit their website:

Day of Giving 2022

Consumer News 27 July 2022

Despite Interest Rate Hikes, National Home Prices see Steady Rises across The Country in First Half of The Year

Vancouver (July 27, 2022) – While interest rates have been on the rise for the past few months, the Canadian housing landscape continued to see pricing growth during the first six months of this year. Prices were up particularly in suburbs and smaller communities outside metropolitan centres as more condo owners seek homes outside of the expensive Greater Toronto Area and Vancouver centres.

The sixth annual Price Per Square Foot survey released today by CENTURY 21 Canada shows that real estate continued to be a strong market for the first half of the year, with long-term growth continuing despite higher interest rates and concerns about what that will mean for the industry in the immediate future. While some markets have cooled after the boom that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, prices overall have continued to remain elevated for the start of the year.

In its annual, nationwide study, CENTURY 21 Canada compared the price per square foot of properties sold between January 1 and June 30 this year to the same period last year and in previous years.

“We recognize the concerns that some might have because of interest rates, but the first half of 2022 showed growth in nearly every regional market in the country,” says Brian Rushton, Chief Operating Officer of CENTURY 21 Canada. “The highest point of the boom may have passed, but the trend is still towards higher prices, especially in suburbs where younger and first-time home buyers are looking to escape competitive metropolitan areas now that remote work has become more common. What will be interesting is to compare the data we’ve received from the first half of this year with the data we gather in 2023 to see how the rising rates impact the market for the next six months.”

After high prices in January across the board, prices saw market-typical fluctuations throughout the spring, with most markets experiencing slight downturns in June when the rate hikes came into effect. However, that has not stopped the demand for housing, particularly in the communities of Hamilton, Kitchener and Cambridge in Ontario and communities such as Chilliwack and Kelowna in BC. Atlantic Canada has also continued a sharp upward trend, with Halifax condos seeing a 54 per cent price increase in the first half of the year. Though the market may see a downturn across the board in the next six months, prices in these fast-growing smaller cities will still likely see double-digit growth in 2023, continuing the upward pressure seen over the past five years.

Rushton says that market trends are evolving rapidly as the full effect of the rate changes will come into effect in the latter half of 2022. “We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, we’re going to keep seeing how the market performs and whether or not it cools down after the frenzy of the past year. With inflation on the rise, folks may be less able to purchase but even a slight dip would only take us to the level of a few years back, possibly the 2018-2019 period. Ultimately, there are still buyers who have been waiting for a cool down period so that they can enter the market at the best time.”


Regional highlights:



Price Per Square Foot 2022 - Alberta

Moderate increases can be seen across regions in Alberta as investors from the GTA take advantage of growing smaller markets. While larger cities saw incremental growth, Okotoks and High River experienced double-digit increases, especially in their condo markets. The only decrease in this province can be found in St. Albert condos, though an increased PPSF in detached homes and duplexes indicate more families looking to grow in the suburbs.



Price Per Square Foot 2022 - Atlantic

Atlantic Canada was again a hot market this year for young and first-time buyers who have been unable to purchase in other, larger metros. Halifax condo prices continued their meteoric rise, with a heavy demand for detached homes not that far behind. Double-digit increases are seen throughout the region.

“Everyone is eager to find a place where they can put down roots, and once the remote work mandates from the pandemic became permanent, we haven’t seen any signs of this market slowing down in the first half of the year,” says David Yetman, Owner of CENTURY 21 All Points. “The biggest question for the next year will be if the supply can keep up with the demand. While prime interest rates have had a slowing effect, it is temporary, the current BoC rate is still extremely low and it bodes well for a healthy Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) market going forward.”


British Columbia

Price Per Square Foot 2022 - British Columbia

Once again, BC real estate takes the top place as the most expensive market in the country, particularly in detached homes in Vancouver’s West Side. However, the high prices may see buyers moving away from the downtown core as condo prices have only seen a slight increase this year (though remains the second highest local market, with a PPSF of $1,283) while prices rose sharply in communities such as Kelowna and Chilliwack, where condos saw a 28 per cent and 35 per cent increase in price respectively in the first half of the year.



The Montreal condo market has held steady over the past year, with no increase to their PPSF of $935/sf. With the change in interest rates, there is the possibility of younger buyers who have been looking east in the recent years choosing to remain in their home province should prices trend down.

“The next six months will be watched very carefully to see how buyers, especially younger buyers, react to the changing interest rates,” says Mohamad Al-Hajj, owner of CENTURY 21 Immo-Plus. “While some may wait to see if there are any more changes, other buyers may see an opportunity to not have to move away from their communities.”



Price Per Square Foot 2022 - Ontario

More buyers are leaving the Greater Toronto Area to seek homes in the communities such as Waterloo, Guelph and Hamilton. Guelph now stands at $777/sq ft, and Cambridge condos aren’t far behind at $716/sq ft.

Communities farther outside the GTA also saw substantial increases. Barrie saw a double digit increase in its detached home prices, as did Grey Bruce. As for the city of Toronto, after a slight downturn this time last year, prices have once agent risen to be the second highest in the country.



Price Per Square Foot 2022 - Prairies

The Prairies have seen a more modest growth in pricing than the rest of the country, but there have been rises across Manitoba and Saskatchewan. While Regina condo prices took a slight dip, the region’s detached homes are up by 13 per cent in the first six months of 2022. Winnipeg follows the trend, though at a lower growth rate of 11 per cent, and Saskatoon at seven per cent. Brandon may be an emerging market for younger buyers – while detached homes only saw a very slight single digit increase condos are up by nearly 20 per cent to $243/sq ft. Overall, prices in Prairie provinces have remained the steadiest over the past several years.

Price Per Square Foot 2022 - Northwest Territories

The upward trend of condos was even seen in Yellowknife, where a 14 per cent increase now sees the average apartment selling for $407/sq ft. More modest changes were seen across detached homes and townhouses, and only duplexes saw a small decrease.

CENTURY 21 Canada’s annual survey of data on the price per square foot (PPSF) of properties gathers and compares sales data from its franchises across Canada from January 1 to June 30 of each year. By looking at the price per square foot at the same time each year the firm is able to get a good idea of how prices have changed over time for similar properties. This year’s survey compares 2021 prices with this year’s results.

Price Per Square Foot 2022 - 10 Most Expensive Price Per Square Foot 2022 - 10 Least Expensive

See full PPSF study results below:

Price Per Square Foot 2022


CITY HOUSE TYPE 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 % Change from 2021
Calgary House $341 $325 $320 $355 $396 11.55%
Calgary Condo $329 $317 $296 $303 $326 7.59%
Edmonton Detached House $288 $272 $268 $284 $297 4.58%
Edmonton Duplex $275 $256 $250 $270 $287 6.30%
Edmonton Condo $231 $220 $206 $217 $222 2.30%
High River Detached House $193 $215 $237 $271 $307 13.28%
High River Condo N/A $241 $173 $176 $223 26.70%
Okotoks Detached House N/A $238 $254 $283 $338 19.43%
Okotoks Condo N/A $254 $211 $219 $251 14.61%
Red Deer Detached House $276 $262 $252 $289 $293 1.38%
Red Deer Townhouse N/A N/A N/A $207 $214 3.38%
Red Deer Condo N/A N/A N/A $186 $194 4.30%
Red Deer Duplex N/A N/A N/A N/A $269 N/A
St. Albert Detached House $287 $271 $269 $289 $322 11.42%
St. Albert Condo $239 $223 $211 $251 $238 -5.18%
St. Albert Duplex $262 $272 $278 $280 $325 16.07%



CITY HOUSE TYPE 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 % Change from 2021
Chilliwack Detached House $297 $294 $288 $406 $515 26.85%
Chilliwack Townhouse $267 $249 $250 $318 $425 33.65%
Chilliwack Condo/ Apartment $283 $290 $270 $351 $473 34.76%
Kelowna Detached House $283 $274 $280 $368 $463 25.82%
Kelowna Half Duplex $247 $260 $263 $320 $402 25.63%
Kelowna Townhouse $292 $287 $302 $365 $452 23.84%
Kelowna Apartment $345 $348 $334 $411 $526 27.98%
Vancouver Detached House $856 $769 $816 $975 $1,177 20.72%
Vancouver, Downtown Condo $856 $769 $816 $1,208 $1,283 6.21%
Vancouver, East side Detached House $721 $647 $672 $877 $957 9.12%
Vancouver, West Side Detached House $1,147 $990 $1,004 $1,208 $1,421 17.63%
Burnaby Detached House $599 $551 $579 $688 $795 15.55%
West Van Detached House $899 $738 $734 $971 $1,038 6.90%
Vancouver, Richmond Detached House $677 $598 $608 $722 $831 15.10%
Delta North Detached House $423 $400 $413 $570 $716 25.61%
North Vancouver Detached House $681 $613 $690 $794 $910 14.61%
White Rock/South Surrey Detached House $506 $472 $435 $625 $795 27.20%
Victoria Detached House N/A N/A N/A $558 $592 6.09%
Victoria Townhouse N/A N/A N/A $457 $583 27.57%
Victoria Condo N/A N/A N/A $659 $676 2.58%



CITY HOUSE TYPE 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 % Change from 2021
Charlottetown Detached House $147 $165 $178 $211 $245 16.11%
Fredericton Detached House N/A $99 $123 $147 $170 15.65%
Halifax Detached House $155 $162 $170 $281 $408 45.20%
Halifax Condo $228 $239 $270 $291 $450 54.64%
Moncton Detached House $101 $106 $124 $142 $173 21.83%
Saint John Detached House N/A $111 $123 $134 $163 21.64%
St. John’s Detached House N/A $132 $135 $149 $167 12.08%
St. John’s Condo N/A $174 $116 $182 $212 16.48%



CITY HOUSE TYPE 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 % Change from 2021
Regina Detached House $254 $246 $237 $250 $284 13.60%
Regina Condo $236 $213 $205 $205 $194 -5.37%
Saskatoon Detached House $270 $263 $263 $314 $336 7.01%
Saskatoon Condo $208 $213 $217 $216 $219 1.39%
Winnipeg Detached House $282 $243 $244 $293 $315 7.51%
Winnipeg Condo $261 $220 $223 $234 $254 8.55%
Winnipeg Attached N/A $202 $210 $241 $269 11.62%
Brandon Detached House $248 $246 $248 $271 $276 1.85%
Brandon Condo $196 $204 $204 $203 $243 19.70%



CITY HOUSE TYPE 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 % Change from 2021
Barrie Detached House $283 $350 $350 $378 $503 33.07%
Bradford Detached House $286 $345 $358 $410 $580 41.46%
Cambridge Detached House $332 $355 $388 $450 $625 38.89%
Cambridge Duplex $311 $331 $377 $527 $656 24.48%
Cambridge Condo $344 $347 $367 $435 $716 64.60%
Cambridge Townhouse $282 $317 $341 $474 $616 29.96%
Grey Bruce Detached House $175 $182 $195 $357 $455 27.45%
Guelph Detached House $397 $409 $443 $483 $690 42.86%
Guelph Condo $374 $402 $423 $511 $777 52.05%
Guelph Duplex $348 $362 $400 $451 $648 43.68%
Guelph Townhouse $311 $335 $364 $433 $641 48.04%
Hamilton Detached House $362 $378 $406 $532 $553 3.95%
Hamilton Townhouse $257 $350 $343 $453 $538 18.76%
Kitchener Detached House $339 $359 $400 $430 $618 43.72%
Kitchener Semi-Detached N/A $341 $399 $460 $623 35.43%
Kitchener Townhouse N/A $323 $342 $435 $576 32.41%
Kitchener Condo $328 $362 $399 $483 $800 65.63%
London Detached House $191 $237 $250 $362 $466 28.73%
Markham Detached House N/A N/A $485 $557 $685 22.98%
Niagara Falls Bungalow N/A $336 $395 $475 $630 32.63%
Niagara Falls Detached House N/A $275 $300 $390 $531 36.15%
Newmarket Detached House N/A $372 $510 $505 $516 2.18%
Ottawa Detached House $225 $258 $313 $429 $465 8.39%
Ottawa Townhouse N/A N/A N/A $392 $451 15.05%
Ottawa Condo $442 $485 $577 $479 $583 21.71%
Owen Sound Detached House $145 $158 $167 $312 $380 21.79%
Richmond Hill Detached House $445 $465 $522 $520 $665 27.88%
St. Catharines Bungalow $385 $367 $425 $520 $589 13.27%
St. Catharines Detached House $310 $290 $330 $400 $612 53.00%
Toronto, Downtown Condo $903 $994 $1,083 $956 $1,217 27.30%
Vaughn Detached House $434 $503 $548 $612 $695 13.56%
Waterloo Detached House N/A $372 $407 $421 $613 45.61%
Waterloo Semi-detached N/A $357 $399 $439 $648 47.61%
Waterloo Townhouse N/A $324 $344 $408 $641 57.11%
Waterloo Condo N/A $402 $411 $503 $777 54.47%
Windsor Detached House N/A $372 $407 $295 $306 3.73%



CITY HOUSE TYPE 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 % Change from 2021
Montreal, Downtown and SW Condo $567 $709 $805 $935 $935 0.00%
Montreal, Downtown and SW Detached House $603 $674 $958 $1,350 $1,357 0.52%



CITY HOUSE TYPE 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 % Change from 2021
Yellowknife Detached House N/A N/A $277 $312 $315 0.96%
Townhouse N/A N/A $265 $260 $276 6.15%
Manufactured N/A N/A $267 $290 $311 7.24%
Apartment N/A N/A $347 $357 $407 14.01%
Duplex N/A N/A $306 $343 $336 -2.04%


View Pirce Per Square Foot 2021 and Price Per Square Foot 2020


How the information was gathered by CENTURY 21 Canada
CENTURY 21 franchisees were asked to help come up with the average price-per-square-foot in their market. However, calculating a precise number is not an exact science as every office and province tracks statistics slightly differently. As a result, most have used the median price and square footage in their market in sales from January 1 – June 30, 2022. Each franchisee has confirmed that the numbers provided are an accurate representation of the trends market.


For more information please contact:
Peak Communicators
Shawn Hall
Phone: (604) 619-7913

Franchise News 7 July 2022

Today’s CENTURY 21

No Gold Jacket Required

New Attitude


Franchise News 29 June 2022

CENTURY 21 Town & Country Serves Real Estate Needs In Oil Fields

Peace River, A.B. (Month, Year) – CENTURY 21 Canada now has a presence in the picturesque community of Peace River with the opening of CENTURY 21 Town & Country Realty. The new addition to the legacy brand will be helmed by Andy Gauvreau who, after ten years as an independent broker, decided to join the brand when looking forward to the future of his brokerage.

“I was looking to supplement the technology I had, which I wasn’t able to do if I continued as an independent brokerage,” says Gauvreau. “I had looked into third-party technology but was really impressed by what I found on the CENTURY 21 Canada website and I decided it would be more cost-effective to pursue a franchise.”

Among the technology offered is the new suite of HUB21 tools powered by Moxiworks, which rolled out to CENTURY 21 Canada offices last year. “When I saw the presentation on the technology and investigated the websites of other CENTURY 21 Canada companies, it seemed like it would be a seamless transition from what I was doing and C21 was the best fit.”

Now settled in as part of the brand, Gauvreau will turn his attention to the next ten years as he plans the future of his brokerage. “The end goal of this ten-year contract is to find someone who is a good fit for the brokerage, and who can take over and grow it. I will continue on in some manner in real estate and the recruitment will happen when I get the company name out there and find someone who has the right mindset.”

In the short term, Gauvreau will be monitoring how his company performs after the transition and as Peace River starts to see a market pickup. “Peace River is a little different because we are oil field, agriculture and government-oriented area,” explains Gauvreau. “As productivity increases, so does the housing market. We had dips in 2017 and 2018, and the cancellation of a Shell Canada plant really didn’t help in 2016. We generally follow the trend of Alberta with a bit of delay, and we are seeing an increase in housing activity now, just an ever-evolving market that you need to be paying attention to and accommodate accordingly.”

“We’re thrilled to continue growing in smaller communities across Western Canada,” says Brian Rushton, Chief Operating Officer with CENTURY 21 Canada. “Our investment in our cutting-edge technology is clear, and people are responding to that, wanting to join us and have the best tools in the business. And apart from that, we’re going to continue providing personal support to our brokers so that they always know we’re willing to go the extra mile to help them succeed.”

For his part, Gauvreau is settling into being part of such a large brand after years as an independent broker. “It’s interesting seeing how CENTURY 21 Canada operates, they have a standard and it’s obviously worked very well so it’s just a matter of adapting. And there are so many people to fall back on, there’s a lot of support.”

CENTURY 21 Town & Country opens on July 1, 2022.

Franchise News 8 June 2022

CENTURY 21 Argos Ready to Become the Eyes on the Market for Their Clients

Calgary, A.B. (June, 2022) – The newest addition to the CENTURY 21 Canada family, CENTURY 21 Argos Realty, is set to open this summer with Karen Luu as broker, who is adding real estate to the brokerage services after five successful years as Real Property Management Renfrew.

“It is remarkable to look back at when we first started in 2017 and to see what we have managed to accomplish in these five years,” says Luu. “Though I have always been involved in the real estate industry with family and friends, owning and operating Renfrew with Real Property Management afforded me to experience the real estate industry profoundly in so many ways”

Carla Browne, President of Real Property Management, knows the synergy between property management and real estate, having started in real estate herself at CENTURY 21 Dome before growing into her current role. By offering the services of both real estate and property management Karen is able to assist her clients through every step of their housing journey. Karen has a great amount of experience to draw from,” says Browne. “After having worked in the market from a different perspective, she has the local expertise and now represents two national brands to create a client experience like no other. We are very excited to see her brokerage grow with the addition of the CENTURY 21 Brand to her existing Real Property Management office.”

For Luu, working with CENTURY 21 Canada was the natural evolution of her own career. “CENTURY 21 Canada provides a lot of resources and support, and that allows for a lot of future planning and growth,” Luu says. “The technology that they provide is just what we need; all the resources are there to grow our office and our team.”

Luu has a lot of goals for CENTURY 21 Argos Realty’s growth, and in the immediate future, she plans to fully learn the programs and tech that CENTURY 21 Canada has to offer and share that knowledge with new agents. While she does have a goal of recruiting 15-20 new agents before the end of next year, her priority is quality over quantity. “We have a minimum number of agents in mind, but we also want to bring in agents who share our core values, and we’d rather go by fit than just trying to reach a certain number.”

“We’re so happy that Karen and her team have come on board, and we know that she has the perfect experience to helm her own brokerage,” says Brian Rushton, Chief Operating Officer of CENTURY 21 Canada. “She has clear goals and a clear path forward and we are committed to providing all the support she needs to succeed, alongside the best technology programs in the business.”

Planning for future growth, Luu is considering the possibilities of new offices and locations in areas that align with the C21 Argos vision and values but for the more immediate term, her focus will be on continuing to service her core client base in Calgary and the surrounding areas. “When deciding on a name, I was inspired by the story of the diligent watcher giant with 100 eyes, Argos, in Greek Mythology. We connected with that. We want to be the ever-watching, oversized guardians for our clients, our owners, our buyers and our investors. We, at C21 Argos, will be those eyes ever watching the market and ever guarding our clients’ best interests”

CENTURY 21 Argos Realty opens in Calgary on July 1, 2021.

In The Community 7 June 2022

CENTURY 21 Broker Vanessa Oake Hogan named to Business Hall of Fame

Peterborough, O.N. (June 2022) – CENTURY 21 United Realty Inc. owner Vanessa Oake Hogan was named to the 2022 Junior Achievement Hall of Fame of Northern and Eastern Ontario Business. The 7th annual ceremony recognized Peterborough’s exceptional business leaders, and with many successful years as a Broker under her belt, Oake Hogan is the perfect addition.

“When I was attending University I would come home to Peterborough for the summer months and work at the office doing reception.  I always loved coming to the office.  I enjoyed learning about the business, working with dad and meeting all of the agents.  It was such a fun group of people.” Oake Hogan says. Carl Oake began the brokerage (which was one of the first CENTURY 21 Canada franchises) in 1977, and in 2016 he began the process of passing the torch to his eldest daughter. Vanessa Oake Hogan acquired her real estate license in 2013, and after waiting a few years for the timing to be right for her family, she felt ready to follow in his footsteps

“Once my kids were a little more independent, the time was right and it was an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up,” Oake Hogan says of her decision to take the reigns of CENTURY 21 United Realty Inc. “This was my father’s business that I grew up around, I was really attached to it. I wanted to carry on what he already started.” Oake Hogan says her father passed on his drive to succeed and she has continued a legacy of excellence, consistently placing on annual rankings within the Century 21 Global system, most recently as the #14 Office in Canada by production, and the #20 Office on the GLOBAL 21 list by the same metrics for 2021. Additionally, Carl Oake was inducted into the Junior Achievement Hall of Fame in 2018, and with Oake Hogan joining him, it marks the first time a father-daughter duo has received the distinction.

But it’s not just her business’s accolades that have earned Oake Hogan a spot in the Hall of Fame, community initiatives are also a large focus. The Carl Oake Rotary Swim is an annual fixture at the Peterborough YMCA, a day when teams and individuals dress in their wildest costumes and swim laps in support of CENTURY 21 Canada’s charitable partner Easter Seals, as well as other local causes. Oake Hogan currently co-chair’s the event and brought it back to the YMCA this year, surpassing their initial fundraising goal for a grand total of $50,000.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Oake Hogan is looking to the future of her company and its agents. “Providing valuable services and support to our agents is our first priority.  We are also working on growing our team with both new and experienced agents.  The official awards ceremony for the Junior Achievement of Northern and Eastern Ontario Hall of Fame took place on May 26th.

Consumer News 1 June 2022

Create and Maintain a Functional, Organized Closet

If your closet is overflowing with clothing and accessories, then it’s time to arrange your space so that it is functional and organized. Whether your closet is small or a spacious walk-in, this organizational guide will help you create and maintain a coordinated closet that will save you time and help eliminate stress.

1. Declutter & Clean

The first step to getting an organized closet is to get rid of unused items. Take the time to sort through all your clothing, bags, jewelry, and other accessories and donate the items you no longer use. Depending on your closet size this may seem like an unbearable task, but if you declutter by section, it will help break up the job, making it effortless. Next, temporally remove all the items from your closet, then clean the entire closet. Starting with a blank canvas will help you better visualize your space and make organizing a breeze.

2.Get Organized

Now that your closet is decluttered and clean it’s time to start organizing! Sort all your closet pieces into categories (shirts, pants, sweaters, etc.) so that you can measure how much space each category will take. Then come up with a plan of where each category will live in your space, keep in mind the size, preferred storage method, and frequency of use when planning. Remember, successful closet organization depends on your personal style, so there is no right or wrong way to arrange.

Once your plan is set, start hanging up your pieces. To help save time on your busy mornings, colour-code your wardrobe so you can quickly scan through your items. If you are tight on space, be sure to choose space-saving hangers and try double hanging less-used items. Don’t know if a piece should be hung or folded? Here’s the best way to store all your clothes.

3. Get Functional

After you have organized and sorted all your clothing, make sure that the closet is functional. Use dividers to separate clothing categories and to help keep your folded clothing upright. Repurpose magazine holders to store purses and clutches. And add baskets to store loose or eyesore items.

You can even make your closet even more functional with task lighting. These lights will improve the visibility of your items, plus it elevates your closet with an elegant look.

4. Use All Your Space

One of the biggest problems when it comes to organizing a closet is a limited amount of space. Maximize your area by:

  • Placing a dresser below your hanging items. The once wasted space now brings additional storage for folded clothing or items you want out of sight.
  • Use the back of the closet door for a shoe rack.
  • Don’t forget about your vertical space! Walls are often passed over but can make for great storage spaces. Add hooks to hang jackets, scarfs, hats, and more. Display wall mounts are perfect for hanging jewelry and accessories like sunglasses.

If you are still limited on space, place a clothing rack in your room to display favourite pieces, frequently used items, or upcoming outfits. Finally, don’t forget to use additional storage spaces in your home for out-of-season items.

5. Stay Organized

Now that you created an organized and functional closet, you must maintain the order. Set aside 5 minutes each day to do a quick clean of the space to preserve its form. Additionally, try reorganizing seasonally, this includes swapping out seasonal clothing and removing any unused items. To help make this quarterly process smooth, add a donation bin to your closet so when you find something that doesn’t fit, or you don’t like anymore, you can place it in the bin to readily remove when it comes time to declutter.

Finally, consider turning your hangers backwards to mark frequently worn clothing. This will help you see which clothes you rarely wear so you can donate.

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