In The Community 21 October 2021

Inspirational Easter Seals Fundraisers

If you ever want to see how far C21-ers will go to raise money for Easter Seals, all you have to do is look up! Every year in cities across the country, C21 members take part in DropZone, the rare opportunity to rappel down a skyscraper. It’s not for the faint of heart, but for dedicated fundraisers like Mir Khan, CENTURY 21 AAA Realty Inc., it’s a unique way to give back. 

“Being a proud member of CENTURY 21 Canada, giving back to our community is absolutely necessary!” says Mir, who participates in Drop Zone every year, rappelling down the 28-floor Metrotown Tower in Burnaby, BC. “I was ecstatic to raise my goal. Years ago, I had the privilege to hang out with the Kids at the Squamish Easter Seals campsite and I will never forget how much Camp meant to those kids. At the site they have a memorial to campers who have unfortunately passed away, and for those kids, their time at camp was the best time of their lives. I’m always going to strive to help this cause, just to be a tiny part of that.” 


How you can help

If you prefer to keep your feet firmly on the ground, there are still dozens of ways to get out in your community and raise funds. From Battles of the Bands to Date Auctions to Wine Tastings, there is no shortage of events to bring folks together (in-person and virtually!) and contribute to a great cause. CENTURY 21 B.J. Roth broke records when they raised $60,000 at the Annual Showcase of Celebrities Golf Tournament at the Bear Creek Golf Club in Barrie, ON, where the 180 golfers who participated all helped Easter Seals purchase mobility equipment for kids in their community and support kids living with disabilities. 

If the deadlines for Easter Seals donations are fast approaching, it’s never too late to organize holiday events, gift drives or participate in the Closing Gifts for Kids Program, where for every purchase or sale of a property, Network members commit to donating $21 to Easter Seals in their client’s name. You can check out our list below for fundraising event suggestions:


Fundraising Event ideas: 

Auction  Benefit Dinner Bowling Tournament
Amazing Race Bingo Night Casino Night
Arts and Crafts Sale/Show Book Sale Cocktail for a Cause
Battle of the Bands Birthday Parties Car Wash
Concert/Play Tournament Loonie/Toonie Drives T-Shirt Challenge
Craft Sale Pet Wash Tailgate Party
Date Auction Pledged Events Talent Show
Dinner Party Poker Tournament Ticketed Event
Donations in Lieu of Gifts Proceeds from Sales Traditional Gala
Face Painting Rummage Sale Trivia Tournament
Fashion Show Run/Walk/Ride Wii Tournament
Fitness Contest Scavenger Hunt Wine Tasting
Flower Sale Spin Class Work Department
Golf Tournament Sporting Events Work Event












Want to know more?

For over 40 years, CENTURY 21 Canada has chosen to give back to the community by supporting the mission of Easter Seals Canada, to give kids and teens with disabilities the support they need to make unforgettable memories at Easter Seals adventure camps across the country. Throughout our long partnership, $12.5 million dollars have been raised by C21-ers, and every year our network comes through to help hundreds of children living with disabilities and their families.