Franchise News 30 September 2022

CENTURY 21 Property Zone continues a generational legacy in real estate

Mississauga, ON (September 2022) – CENTURY 21 Property Zone is ready to open its doors to the busy Mississauga region this September. Owner Pranav Puri brings 15 years of experience to his new brokerage and is the third generation in his family to work in the real estate industry.

“My father and grandfather both worked in real estate back in India and here in Canada. The brokerage name ‘Property Zone’ is actually borrowed from what they used. After working as a top-producing agent with another brand, the time was right and I wanted to open my own brokerage,” says Puri.  “CENTURY 21 Canada is a great brand with nationwide recognition and I’ve received great support from them, so I’m really excited to get started.”

The suburbs surrounding the Greater Toronto Area have seen immense growth over the past few years, and Puri is ready to build a brokerage that will rise to meet the many needs of clients in the area. He aims to recruit between 40-50 agents before the end of this year and have roughly 300 agents by the end of 2023. “We want to support our agents as much as we can, and we want to be a brokerage that supports teams,” explains Puri. “When we recruit agents new to the industry, we’re going to help them grow under team leaders. We’ll also be prioritizing advertising to secure as many leads as possible for our brokerage members.”

Puri also has his sights set on a second location in Brampton, another fast-growing suburb, and he wants his offices to reflect the diversity of the communities they will serve. “Eventually I hope to open more locations and because we have such a diverse population here, I want to ensure we have that same kind of diversity in our offices.”

The opening of CENTURY 21 Property Zone is one of several this year for the legacy franchisor. “Even as the real estate market shifts, CENTURY 21 Canada continues to grow,” says Brian Rushton, Chief Operating Officer of CENTURY 21 Canada. “This new franchise has so much potential due to the growth we’ve seen in that part of Ontario, and we’re confident that Pranav and his team will thrive over the next few years.”

As CENTURY 21 Property Zone works towards its growth goals, their first priority is becoming familiar with the wide range of tools and technology provided by the brand. “We’re going to take this year to learn and then we’ll be able to start growing. We also want our agents to have a deep, grassroots knowledge of the area, so that they’ll have the tools, the familiarity with the community and the power of a good brand to ensure that they succeed.”

CENTURY 21 Property Zone officially opens its doors this September.