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Create and Maintain a Functional, Organized Closet

If your closet is overflowing with clothing and accessories, then it’s time to arrange your space so that it is functional and organized. Whether your closet is small or a spacious walk-in, this organizational guide will help you create and maintain a coordinated closet that will save you time and help eliminate stress.

1. Declutter & Clean

The first step to getting an organized closet is to get rid of unused items. Take the time to sort through all your clothing, bags, jewelry, and other accessories and donate the items you no longer use. Depending on your closet size this may seem like an unbearable task, but if you declutter by section, it will help break up the job, making it effortless. Next, temporally remove all the items from your closet, then clean the entire closet. Starting with a blank canvas will help you better visualize your space and make organizing a breeze.

2.Get Organized

Now that your closet is decluttered and clean it’s time to start organizing! Sort all your closet pieces into categories (shirts, pants, sweaters, etc.) so that you can measure how much space each category will take. Then come up with a plan of where each category will live in your space, keep in mind the size, preferred storage method, and frequency of use when planning. Remember, successful closet organization depends on your personal style, so there is no right or wrong way to arrange.

Once your plan is set, start hanging up your pieces. To help save time on your busy mornings, colour-code your wardrobe so you can quickly scan through your items. If you are tight on space, be sure to choose space-saving hangers and try double hanging less-used items. Don’t know if a piece should be hung or folded? Here’s the best way to store all your clothes.

3. Get Functional

After you have organized and sorted all your clothing, make sure that the closet is functional. Use dividers to separate clothing categories and to help keep your folded clothing upright. Repurpose magazine holders to store purses and clutches. And add baskets to store loose or eyesore items.

You can even make your closet even more functional with task lighting. These lights will improve the visibility of your items, plus it elevates your closet with an elegant look.

4. Use All Your Space

One of the biggest problems when it comes to organizing a closet is a limited amount of space. Maximize your area by:

  • Placing a dresser below your hanging items. The once wasted space now brings additional storage for folded clothing or items you want out of sight.
  • Use the back of the closet door for a shoe rack.
  • Don’t forget about your vertical space! Walls are often passed over but can make for great storage spaces. Add hooks to hang jackets, scarfs, hats, and more. Display wall mounts are perfect for hanging jewelry and accessories like sunglasses.

If you are still limited on space, place a clothing rack in your room to display favourite pieces, frequently used items, or upcoming outfits. Finally, don’t forget to use additional storage spaces in your home for out-of-season items.

5. Stay Organized

Now that you created an organized and functional closet, you must maintain the order. Set aside 5 minutes each day to do a quick clean of the space to preserve its form. Additionally, try reorganizing seasonally, this includes swapping out seasonal clothing and removing any unused items. To help make this quarterly process smooth, add a donation bin to your closet so when you find something that doesn’t fit, or you don’t like anymore, you can place it in the bin to readily remove when it comes time to declutter.

Finally, consider turning your hangers backwards to mark frequently worn clothing. This will help you see which clothes you rarely wear so you can donate.

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