Consumer News 1 May 2022

How to create a hobby-space in your home – big and small!

Hobbies are a great way to relax, hone your skills, and unwind after a long day. Having a dedicated space in your home for your hobby can keep supplies organized and give you a place to enjoy your favourite pastime. Whether it’s a whole room or just a corner, here’s how you can carve out some space for your hobbies.

Double-check the space you already have
Do you use each room in your home every day? Take a moment to consider whether a storage room can be cleared out if it’s full of junk, or if a corner is being occupied by a side table that could be a small desk instead. Maybe consider changing up one of the larger rooms if it’s not used often – do you often use your dining room, or eat in the kitchen?

Organize your tools insight
If you have a lot of tools and not a lot of space to store them, consider using a pegboard to keep them up and on the walls. You’ll be able to see where everything is, and if you have smaller odds and ends, mason jars will allow you to keep them together and even show them off as unique decorations.

Use storage carts to keep supplies together
Artists of all kinds can find themselves collecting supplies that end up all over the place, so keep things together using a wheeled storage cart. These are great if you don’t have a big desk and want to maximize the surface area to create your work. Storage carts can sit next to your work area and hold your supplies at the ready.

Make it comfortable
If you’re a reader, a crafter, a gamer, or any kind of hobbyist that sits down a lot, make sure you’re comfortable! Look for a cushion that offers good back support, or a throw blanket to curl up under. Ask yourself if your hobby would be easier if your chair has arms, or better off without.

Add some decor!
Show off your skills! Make a piece of art or create a sign for your hobby space to show off your passion. If you’re not crafty, consider a related piece of artwork or a print, or maybe an old tool you have lying around that can be displayed. These can serve as little pieces of inspiration when you want to settle into your space and unwind.

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