Montreal is the perfect combination of old and new, featuring some of the country’s finest dining right alongside some of the country’s finest and oldest architecture. Some neighbourhoods date back to the 1600s and still have that old-world charm, while others have moved into the 21st century and become the centre of urban life and culture. Located in Quebec, Montreal has a population of more than 3.6 million people from 120 ethnic communities. The area was first settled by French colonists and today is leading the way in aeronautics, biotechnology, and even in the arts and urban planning.

For those looking to live in a city bustling with culture and opportunity, Montreal is home to neighbourhoods and communities to fit just about every need.

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What You Can See and Do in Montreal

Montreal - Feature

Newcomers to Montreal should take a trip through Old Montreal and explore the Old Port. It’s also worth the trip to see the view of the city from Mont-Royal. Founded in 1860, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is also a great place to spend the day, housing some 43,000 pieces dating from historic to modern art. It’s also a great place to take friends and family to experience the city’s diverse culture.

Students coming to Montreal will appreciate being close to McGill University and Concordia University, two of the education spotlights in this French-Canadian city. If you want to hang with the local artists, check out Café Olimpico. It wasn’t founded until the 1970s, but it has plenty of old-world charm with its European-style design and selection of espressos, coffee drinks, and delicious Italian pastries.

Montreal Neighbourhoods

Montreal is home to some of the oldest neighbourhoods in the province of Quebec. As the largest city in the province, it is home to many neighbourhoods that were once cities of their own.

These are only a few of the communities in Montreal that might work well for you and your family. If you are interested in Montreal homes for sale, get in touch with a realtor to learn more about all of the available options.

Getting Around in Montreal

Montreal is a walkable city, but it’s also expansive. Fortunately, the city is also very bike-friendly. It has more than 500km of paths around the city that are largely protected from vehicular traffic, offering more safety for residents who like to ride around. There are taxis available throughout the city, and the metro system is clean, reliable, and reaches a wide area. You can ride the metro all around downtown and into several suburbs. There are 220 bus lines and 68 metro stations for the underground rail, conveniently located throughout the city.

Getting around should never be a concern for those considering real estate in Montreal. Cars are usually more of a hassle in the city neighbourhoods because of limited parking and those tricky traffic lights that new residents have yet to figure out, but they can be helpful in reaching the suburbs and outlying areas of the city.