Franchise News 29 June 2022

CENTURY 21 Town & Country Serves Real Estate Needs In Oil Fields

Peace River, A.B. (Month, Year) – CENTURY 21 Canada now has a presence in the picturesque community of Peace River with the opening of CENTURY 21 Town & Country Realty. The new addition to the legacy brand will be helmed by Andy Gauvreau who, after ten years as an independent broker, decided to join the brand when looking forward to the future of his brokerage.

“I was looking to supplement the technology I had, which I wasn’t able to do if I continued as an independent brokerage,” says Gauvreau. “I had looked into third-party technology but was really impressed by what I found on the CENTURY 21 Canada website and I decided it would be more cost-effective to pursue a franchise.”

Among the technology offered is the new suite of HUB21 tools powered by Moxiworks, which rolled out to CENTURY 21 Canada offices last year. “When I saw the presentation on the technology and investigated the websites of other CENTURY 21 Canada companies, it seemed like it would be a seamless transition from what I was doing and C21 was the best fit.”

Now settled in as part of the brand, Gauvreau will turn his attention to the next ten years as he plans the future of his brokerage. “The end goal of this ten-year contract is to find someone who is a good fit for the brokerage, and who can take over and grow it. I will continue on in some manner in real estate and the recruitment will happen when I get the company name out there and find someone who has the right mindset.”

In the short term, Gauvreau will be monitoring how his company performs after the transition and as Peace River starts to see a market pickup. “Peace River is a little different because we are oil field, agriculture and government-oriented area,” explains Gauvreau. “As productivity increases, so does the housing market. We had dips in 2017 and 2018, and the cancellation of a Shell Canada plant really didn’t help in 2016. We generally follow the trend of Alberta with a bit of delay, and we are seeing an increase in housing activity now, just an ever-evolving market that you need to be paying attention to and accommodate accordingly.”

“We’re thrilled to continue growing in smaller communities across Western Canada,” says Brian Rushton, Chief Operating Officer with CENTURY 21 Canada. “Our investment in our cutting-edge technology is clear, and people are responding to that, wanting to join us and have the best tools in the business. And apart from that, we’re going to continue providing personal support to our brokers so that they always know we’re willing to go the extra mile to help them succeed.”

For his part, Gauvreau is settling into being part of such a large brand after years as an independent broker. “It’s interesting seeing how CENTURY 21 Canada operates, they have a standard and it’s obviously worked very well so it’s just a matter of adapting. And there are so many people to fall back on, there’s a lot of support.”

CENTURY 21 Town & Country opens on July 1, 2022.